How it works, in 3 steps

Step 01: code and data

To ensure that your cryptocurrency are well-stored, our experts use the most advanced encryption, turning everything into a complex key of codes, which makes our system unintelligible and inaccessible. All in our power to protect your assets.

Step 02: code and data + offline servers

Like in a vault, you have your safe-deposit box. What is inside and where is that box it is just to your knowledge. Our system works in a similar way. When generating your confidential information, it is sent to a secure box on offline servers. However, no one will never have access to those offline servers that have several geographic locations. But do not worry, they are being protected 24/7.

Step 03: code and data + offline servers + unknown gps

Because it is a decentralized currency, no country, government or financial system can control. Due to the diversity of unknown locations of our system, if any country modifies its cryptocurrency security levels, the rest of the locations will keep your assets safe, no matter what happens.